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Stainless Steel Plates

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Stainless steels are defined as ferrous alloys with the addition of at least 10.5% chromium by weight and are essentially low carbon steels containing significant amounts of chromium. It is the addition of chromium that gives this type of steel its corrosion resisting properties. 

Stainless Steel Plates

Stainless steel plate is used for a huge variety of applications in many diverse industries including nuclear, pharmaceutical, food processing, petrochemical, architecture, and chemical transportation.

The chromium content of the steel allows the formation of an invisible corrosion resistant chromium oxide film on the steel surface. If damaged mechanically or chemically this film is self-healing providing that oxygen, even in very small amounts, is present. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be enhanced along with providing other useful properties by increasing the chromium content and by adding other elements such as molybdenum, nickel, and nitrogen.

Stainless Steel Plates

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ASTM A 167

Standard Specification for Stainless and Heat-Resisting Chromium-Nickel Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip
ASTM A167 UNS S30215 ASTM A167 UNS S300800 ASTM A167 UNS S30900 ASTM A167 UNS S31000

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ASTM A 176

Standard Specification for Stainless and Heat-Resisting Chromium Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip

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ASTM A 240

Standard Specification for Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip for Pressure Vessels and for General Applications

ASTM A240 S30435 ASTM A240 N08020 ASTM A240 N08367 ASTM A240 N08700 ASTM A240 N08800
ASTM A240 N08810 ASTM A240 N08811 ASTM A240 N08904 ASTM A240 N08926 ASTM A240 S20100
ASTM A240 S20103 ASTM A240 S20153 ASTM A240 S20161 ASTM A240 S20200 ASTM A240 S20400
ASTM A240 S20431 ASTM A240 S20432 ASTM A240 S20433 ASTM A240 S20910 ASTM A240 S21400
ASTM A240 S21600 ASTM A240 S21603 ASTM A240 S21640 ASTM A240 S21800 ASTM A240 S21904
ASTM A240 S24000 ASTM A240 S30100 ASTM A240 S30103 ASTM A240 S30153 ASTM A240 S30200
ASTM A240 S30400 ASTM A240 S30403 ASTM A240 S30409 ASTM A240 S30415 ASTM A240 S30451
ASTM A240 S30452 ASTM A240 S30453 ASTM A240 S30500 ASTM A240 S30530 ASTM A240 S30600
ASTM A240 S30601 ASTM A240 S30615 ASTM A240 S30815 ASTM A240 S30908 ASTM A240 S30909
ASTM A240 S30940 ASTM A240 S30941 ASTM A240 S31008 ASTM A240 S31009 ASTM A240 S31040
ASTM A240 S31041 ASTM A240 S31050 ASTM A240 S31060 ASTM A240 S31254 ASTM A240 S31266
ASTM A240 S31277 ASTM A240 S31277 ASTM A240 S31600 ASTM A240 S31600 ASTM A240 S31603
ASTM A240 S31609 ASTM A240 S31635 ASTM A240 S31640 ASTM A240 S31651 ASTM A240 S31653
ASTM A240 S31700 ASTM A240 S31703 ASTM A240 S31725 ASTM A240 S31726 ASTM A240 S31727
ASTM A240 S31753 ASTM A240 S32050 ASTM A240 S32053 ASTM A240 S32100 ASTM A240 S32109
ASTM A240 S32615 ASTM A240 S32654 ASTM A240 S33228 ASTM A240 S33400 ASTM A240 S34565
ASTM A240 S34700 ASTM A240 S34709 ASTM A240 S34800 ASTM A240 S35045 ASTM A240 S35115
ASTM A240 S35125 ASTM A240 S35135 ASTM A240 S35140 ASTM A240 S35315 ASTM A240 S38100
ASTM A240 S38815 ASTM A240 S31200 ASTM A240 S31260 ASTM A240 S31803 ASTM A240 S32001
ASTM A240 S32003 ASTM A240 S32101 ASTM A240 S32202 ASTM A240 S32205 ASTM A240 S32304
ASTM A240 S32506 ASTM A240 S32550 ASTM A240 S32750 ASTM A240 S32760 ASTM A240 S32900
ASTM A240 S32906 ASTM A240 S32950 ASTM A240 S39274 ASTM A240 S81921 ASTM A240 S82011
ASTM A240 S32803 ASTM A240 S40500 ASTM A240 S40900 ASTM A240 S40910 ASTM A240 S40920
ASTM A240 S40930 ASTM A240 S40945 ASTM A240 S40975 ASTM A240 S40977 ASTM A240 S41000
ASTM A240 S41003 ASTM A240 S41008 ASTM A240 S41045 ASTM A240 S41050 ASTM A240 S41500
ASTM A240 S42035 ASTM A240 S42900 ASTM A240 S43000 ASTM A240 S43035 ASTM A240 S43400
ASTM A240 S43600 ASTM A240 S43962 ASTM A240 S43940 ASTM A240 S43940 ASTM A240 S44330
ASTM A240 S44400 ASTM A240 S44500 ASTM A240 S44536 ASTM A240 S44625 ASTM A240 S44627
ASTM A240 S44635 ASTM A240 S44660 ASTM A240 S44700 ASTM A240 S44735 ASTM A240 S44800
ASTM A240 S46800 ASTM A240 S46800      

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ASTM A 480

Standard Specification for General Requirements for Flat-Rolled Stanless and Heat-Resisting Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip
ASTM A480 S31060 ASTM A480 S35115 ASTM A480 N08811 ASTM A480 N08020 ASTM A480 N08367
ASTM A480 N08700 ASTM A480 N08810 ASTM A480 N08904 ASTM A480 N08926 ASTM A480 S31277
ASTM A480 S20161 ASTM A480 S30600 ASTM A480 S30601 ASTM A480 S31254 ASTM A480 S31266
ASTM A480 S32050 ASTM A480 S32654 ASTM A480 S32053 ASTM A480 S31727 ASTM A480 S33228
ASTM A480 S34565 ASTM A480 S20431 ASTM A480 S20432 ASTM A480 S20433 ASTM A480 S30530
ASTM A480 S35315 ASTM A480 S31200 ASTM A480 S31803 ASTM A480 S32001 ASTM A480 S32550
ASTM A480 S32160 ASTM A480 S32003 ASTM A480 S32101 ASTM A480 S32202 ASTM A480 S32205
ASTM A480 S32304 ASTM A480 S32506 ASTM A480 32520 ASTM A480 S32750 ASTM A480 S32760
ASTM A480 S32900 ASTM A480 S32906 ASTM A480 S32950 ASTM A480 S39274 ASTM A480 S81921
ASTM A480 S82011        

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ASTM A 666

Standard Specification for Annealed or Cold-Worked Austenitic Stainless Steel Sheet, Strip, Plate and Flat Bar
ASTM A666 S2010 ASTM A666 S20103 ASTM A666 S20153 ASTM A666 S20200 ASTM A666 S20400
ASTM A666 S20500 ASTM A666 S30100 ASTM A666 S30103 ASTM A666 S30153 ASTM A666 S30116
ASTM A666 S30200 ASTM A666 S30400 ASTM A666 S30403 ASTM A666 S30451 ASTM A666 S30453
ASTM A666 S31600 ASTM A666 S31603 ASTM A666 S31651 ASTM A666 S21904 ASTM A666 S21460

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ASTM A 693

Standard Specification for Precipitation-Hardening Stainless and Heat-Resisting Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip
ASTM A693 S17400 ASTM A693 S17700 ASTM A693 S15700 ASTM A693 S35000 ASTM A693 S35500
ASTM A693 S17600 ASTM A693 S36200 ASTM A693 S15500 ASTM A693 S13800 ASTM A693 S45500
ASTM A693 S45000 ASTM A693 S46500 ASTM A693 S46910    

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ASTM A 895

Standard Specification for Free-Machining Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip
ASTM A895 S30300 ASTM A895 S30323 ASTM A895 S41600 ASTM A895 S41623
ASTM A895 S42020 ASTM A895 S42023 ASTM A895 S43020 ASTM A895 S43023

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ASTM A 946

Standard Specification for Chromium-Nickel and Silicon Alloy Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip for Corrosion and Heat Resisting Service

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ASTM A 959

Standard Guide for Specifying Harmonized Standard Grade Compositions for Wrought Stainless Steels
ASTM A959 S16800 ASTM A959 S20100 ASTM A959 S20103 ASTM A959 S20153 ASTM A959 S20161
ASTM A959 S20162 ASTM A959 S20200 ASTM A959 S20300 ASTM A959 S20400 ASTM A959 S20430
ASTM A959 S20500 ASTM A959 S20910 ASTM A959 S21400 ASTM A959 S21460 ASTM A959 S21500
ASTM A959 S21600 ASTM A959 S21603 ASTM A959 S21800 ASTM A959 S21900 ASTM A959 S21904
ASTM A959 S24000 ASTM A959 S24100 ASTM A959 S28200 ASTM A959 S30100 ASTM A959 S30103
ASTM A959 S30153 ASTM A959 S30200 ASTM A959 S30215 ASTM A959 S30300 ASTM A959 S30310
ASTM A959 S30323 ASTM A959 S30345 ASTM A959 S30400 ASTM A959 S30403 ASTM A959 S30409
ASTM A959 S30415 ASTM A959 S30430 ASTM A959 S30432 ASTM A959 S30451 ASTM A959 S30452
ASTM A959 S30453 ASTM A959 S30454 ASTM A959 S30500 ASTM A959 S30600 ASTM A959 S30601
ASTM A959 S30615 ASTM A959 S30800 ASTM A959 S30815 ASTM A959 S30900 ASTM A959 S30908
ASTM A959 S30909 ASTM A959 S30940 ASTM A959 S30941 ASTM A959 S31000 ASTM A959 S31002
ASTM A959 S31008 ASTM A959 S31009 ASTM A959 S31040 ASTM A959 S31041 ASTM A959 S31042
ASTM A959 S31050 ASTM A959 S31254 ASTM A959 S31266 ASTM A959 S31272 ASTM A959 S31400
ASTM A959 S31600 ASTM A959 S31603 ASTM A959 S31609 ASTM A959 S31635 ASTM A959 S31640
ASTM A959 S31651 ASTM A959 S31653 ASTM A959 S31654 ASTM A959 S31700 ASTM A959 31703
ASTM A959 S31725 ASTM A959 S31726 ASTM A959 S31727 ASTM A959 S31753 ASTM A959 S32050
ASTM A959 S32053 ASTM A959 S32100 ASTM A959 S32109 ASTM A959 S32615 ASTM A959 S32654
ASTM A959 S33228 ASTM A959 S33400 ASTM A959 S34565 ASTM A959 S34700 ASTM A959 S34709
ASTM A959 S34751 ASTM A959 S34800 ASTM A959 S34809 ASTM A959 S35045 ASTM A959 S35125
ASTM A959 S35315 ASTM A959 S38100 ASTM A959 S38400 ASTM A959 S38815 ASTM A959 S66220
ASTM A959 S66286 ASTM A959 N08020 ASTM A959 N08367 ASTM A959 N08700 ASTM A959 N08800
ASTM A959 N08810 ASTM A959 N08811 ASTM A959 N08904 ASTM A959 N08926 ASTM A959 S31260
ASTM A959 S31500 ASTM A959 S31803 ASTM A959 S32001 ASTM A959 S32003 ASTM A959 S32101
ASTM A959 S32205 ASTM A959 S32304 ASTM A959 S32506 ASTM A959 S32520 ASTM A959 S32550
ASTM A959 S32750 ASTM A959 S32760 ASTM A959 S32906 ASTM A959 S32950 ASTM A959 S39274
ASTM A959 S39277 ASTM A959 S18200 ASTM A959 S18235 ASTM A959 S32803 ASTM A959 S40500
ASTM A959 S40800 ASTM A959 S40900 ASTM A959 S40910 ASTM A959 S40920 ASTM A959 S40930
ASTM A959 S40940 ASTM A959 S40945 ASTM A959 S40975 ASTM A959 S40976 ASTM A959 S40977
ASTM A959 S41045 ASTM A959 S41050 ASTM A959 S41603 ASTM A959 S42035 ASTM A959 S42900
ASTM A959 S43000 ASTM A959 S43020 ASTM A959 S43023 ASTM A959 S43035 ASTM A959 S43036
ASTM A959 S43400 ASTM A959 S43600 ASTM A959 S43932 ASTM A959 S43940 ASTM A959 S44200
ASTM A959 S44300 ASTM A959 S44400 ASTM A959 S44500 ASTM A959 S44535 ASTM A959 S44600
ASTM A959 S44626 ASTM A959 S44627 ASTM A959 S44635 ASTM A959 S44660 ASTM A959 S44700
ASTM A959 S44735 ASTM A959 S44800 ASTM A959 S46800 ASTM A959 S40300 ASTM A959 S41000
ASTM A959 S41003 ASTM A959 S41005 ASTM A959 S41026 ASTM A959 S41040 ASTM A959 S41041
ASTM A959 S41400 ASTM A959 S41425 ASTM A959 S41428 ASTM A959 S41500 ASTM A959 S41600
ASTM A959 S41610 ASTM A959 S41623 ASTM A959 S41800 ASTM A959 S42000 ASTM A959 S42020
ASTM A959 S42023 ASTM A959 S42200 ASTM A959 S42225 ASTM A959 S42300 ASTM A959 S43035
ASTM A959 S43100 ASTM A959 S44002 ASTM A959 S44003 ASTM A959 S44004 ASTM A959 S44020
ASTM A959 S44023 ASTM A959 S44025 ASTM A959 S64512 ASTM A959 S13800 ASTM A959 S15500
ASTM A959 S15700 ASTM A959 S17400 ASTM A959 S17600 ASTM A959 S17700 ASTM A959 S35000
ASTM A959 S35500 ASTM A959 S45000 ASTM A959 S45500 ASTM A959 S45503 ASTM A959 S46500
ASTM A959 S46910 ASTM A959 S63198 ASTM A959 S66220 ASTM A959 S66286 ASTM A959 S66545
ASTM A959 S41008 ASTM A959 S42010 ASTM A959 S32900 ASTM A959 S31100

ASTM A959 S31200

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ASTM A 887

Standard Specification for Borated Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip for Nuclear Application
ASTM A887 S30460 ASTM A887 S30461 ASTM A887 S30462 ASTM A887 S30463
ASTM A887 S30464 ASTM A887 S30465 ASTM A887 S30466 ASTM A887 S30467

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ASTM A 1010

Standard Specification for Higher-Strength Martensitic Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip
ASTM A1010

UNS S41003

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